What’s Important in Speed ​​Testing?

The question of what is important in speed test is a subject that internet users frequently research. When measuring your internet speed, you need to pay attention to certain issues. Especially what the values ​​you come across represent is an extremely important issue in this process. Getting information about the internet speed gives you an average information about the comfort of the transactions you can do on the internet.

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What Does Ping Mean at Internet Speed?

What does ping mean at internet speed is among the details that people who are related to the internet world should know. When visiting any website or wanting to play a game, you must connect to the server of the opposite website. With a clearer explanation, the data that your computer outputs is transmitted to the server of the target site. This data transmission time is also called ping.

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Is It Possible to Increase Internet Speed?

The question of whether it is possible to increase the internet speed is usually asked by people who have slowdowns and disconnections on their internet. Before answering these questions, you first need to know why your internet is slowing down. Knowing why the internet speed slows down will also guide you in the work you need to do to increase the speed. If your internet speed is low, you can do a speed test first.

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What Does iPhone Lidar Do?

The question of what is the use of iPhone lidar is a subject that iPhone users research a lot. It can be answered as Lidar, Light Detection and Ranging. It may be possible to say that it was translated into Turkish as light change and detection. The biggest expectation from Lidar is that it will make even more significant contributions to portrait mode photography. Thanks to this scanner, it is possible to detect both the distances and the depths of the objects in front of the camera very clearly.

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Wi-Fi 6

With new applications, games, and videos, the demand for Internet capacity is growing by the day. As demand grows, so does the need for bandwidth. Wi-Fi 6 is available to meet the growing demand in this area. Institutions and organizations that require efficiency and speed and have a large number of users, in particular, must be prepared for this technology. Furthermore, with Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Wi-Fi 6 provides the necessary infrastructure to connect dozens of devices to the Internet without any issues. It has a three-fold increase in speed over the previous Wi-Fi standard. As a result, Wi-Fi 6 technology may be preferred by users who require a high-speed network connection, such as those who play online games. Wi-Fi 6, which is favored for both its new security technology and its speed, has risen to the top of the list of popular technologies. Let’s look at what Wi-Fi 6 is all about.

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Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet

We are all addicted to our phones, laptops, and other mobile devices, which is one of the benefits of advanced technology. There’s no denying that we spend the majority of our time online. This is why terms like Wi-Fi and Ethernet are important to understand. Many people confuse the two terms and use them interchangeably to refer to the same thing.
Internet access technologies Wi-Fi and Ethernet are compared. The advancement of internet technologies, as well as wireless internet access, has created a high demand for both business and personal use. Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that connects mobile and access devices to the internet via radio waves. Ethernet, on the other hand, is based on a local area network (LAN) and a physical wired connection for internet communication. Wi-Fi is simple to set up and configure, whereas Ethernet is more difficult to set up and requires the assistance of experienced professionals. Data encryption is recommended for Wi-Fi, but Ethernet data security is superior to Wi-Fi. What about their acceleration?

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What is Lite Internet Speed Test?

With Lite Internet Speed Test, you can test your current internet speed and shows what speed your device can reach.

The vital point is that, speed given from your current ISP (internet service provider) and your accepted speed package should be same or similar.

Internet speed test shows your device download and upload speed and ping latency. Download speed based on generally from service providers commitments.

Your result of download speed and ISP (internet service provider) promised speed should be the same.

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