Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has long been used by developed countries around the world. In our country, statements were made about its use in the near future. This has increased the curiosity about cloud technology.

Cloud technology; It is a service that enables users to share information processes such as software, servers, machine intelligence and analysis with an information network tool on the internet. It is important for data storage and sharing. It has many advantages.

What are Cloud Technology Advantages?

Data such as photos, documents and videos in business or private life take up a lot of space in technological devices. This causes devices to run slowly or have storage problems.

Cloud technology is a storage place over the internet. When data is stored here, technological devices become lighter and storage space is opened.

Cloud technology advantages are as follows:

• Since it is stored on the Internet, its access and sharing is fast.
• It provides efficiency in the business world.
• Its cost is low compared to other data storage tools.
• Thanks to the updates, there is no difficulty in performance.
• Backed up filing is done against bad possibilities during storage. In this way, data recovery can be done.
• No one other than the user can see the stored data.
• Time and place do not matter. Data can be easily accessed at any time and place.
• Different users can view the desired data when access is granted.
• No download required to access data.

Thanks to these advantages, both time and cost savings are achieved. Businesses significantly reduce the workload on many issues.

What are Cloud Technology Service Types?

Cloud technology service models are determined by purpose. When used together, a large data storage and service network can be formed. There are 3 types. These;

• Service Infrastructure (IaaS)
• Platform as a Service (PaaS)
• Software as a Service (SaaS)

IaaS works on a pay-as-you-go basis. It is based on information processing. Storage space increases according to demand.
PaaS tests, manages and develops mobile applications and websites without the need for infrastructure.
SaaS works with infrastructure and application hosting. With this system, it runs the applications used by the users with the browser. It also takes care.
Cloud technology should be added to each other in order to use the service types correctly and efficiently. In this way, the model rises. The workload is reduced.