Which Countries Have The Fastest Internet Speed?

To answer the question of which countries have the highest Internet speed, it can be mentioned that there are many countries that can come to the fore. There are many countries determined by internet speed test measurement platforms. The specified countries are the countries with the fastest internet download speed in the world.

According to the published data, it can be said that the average download rate for fixed internet worldwide is approximately 60.76 Mbps. According to these data, some countries come to the fore even more. Internet speed is a very important issue for users. Being able to watch uninterrupted videos and playing games more fluently is one of the most important points in the internet field.

Countries Offering The World’s Fastest Mobile Internet

Before answering the question of which countries have the highest internet speed, it is necessary to know what the average speed is. It can be said that the average upload speed is 25.95 Mbps worldwide. However, according to mobile internet data, the average download speed is 29.91 Mbps. Which countries have the fastest internet speed can be answered as follows:

  • United Arab Emirates 133.51 Mbps
  • Norway118.58 Mbps
  • South Korea 116.51 Mbps
  • Qatar 113 Mbps
  • Netherlands 107.81 Mbps
  • Saudi Arabia 94.94 Mbps
  • Bulgaria 94.32 Mbps
  • Denmark 94.17 Mbps
  • China country 87.76 Mbps
  • Kuwait 85.38 Mbps

A country ranking can be made in the form of. These countries are the countries that are fast in the field of mobile internet. Internet speeds of countries are different from each other. However, the UAE country takes the first place in this ranking.

Countries With The Fastest Fixed Internet

In addition to mobile internet, some countries can be said to be at the forefront of fixed internet speed. Among the countries that offer the fastest fixed internet, the following can be counted:

  • Chile country 197.59 Mbps
  • Singapore country 194.07 Mbps
  • Monaco country 188.66 Mbps
  • Thailand 182.96 Mbps
  • Denmark country 163.37 Mbps
  • Hong Kong country 163.37 Mbps

There are countries that provide internet in the form of. Apart from these countries, it can be said that the fixed internet speed is quite high in countries such as Macau and China.