The points should consider before Lite Internet Speed Test

For get the right result from Internet Speed Test, you need to carefull of the steps below. You can start speed test after check these steps:

1. Restart your modem/router: Your router or dsl connection if runs continuously days after days, its ram buffer and cpu could be tired. Before running speed test close your internet device, wait 10 seconds and start again. With this process you can get new assigned ip and fully performed internet device.

2. Close data consumption programs or apps: If your phones or computers using your download from another process, you will get worst result from internet speed test. With this reason you need to close all your data using apps before speed test.

3. Close all the webpages except Lite Internet Speed Test: When you running speed test on your computer or phone, applications and websites working on background will give you wrong result on speed test. You need to close all tabs for getting better result.

4. Only connect speed test device to your modem: When different devices connected to modem, they can use your bandwith with the same time at running speed test. If you are not using other devices as well, they can slow down your internet speed. For this reason any device except your test device, you need to close network connection.

5. Get close to modem/router: Distance between your device and your modem effect your internet speed. To get better result you need to close to your modem/router with your device working on speed test.

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